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New Biocat Directory now online

It expands on the qualitative information provided on companies and organizations in the Catalan biocluster in order to boost their international projection.

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By Biocat

Starting this week, the new Biocat Directory ( is now available, which after signing an agreement with Venture Valuation, the owner of the benchmark international database BiotechGate, will bring together the information from both bodies in a single search engine.

The new version of the directory is a qualitative improvement on the public information regarding companies and organizations in the biotechnology, biomedicine and medical technology sector in Catalonia. More specifically, each profile has been expanded to include various new fields including pipeline, financial information, clients and collaborations, a highly important asset for carrying out analyses that allow us to better know the Catalan biocluster and to project it internationally. 

Another benefit of this tool for users will be more efficient management of the information, as Venture Valuation has updating mechanisms that allow changes in companies and organizations to be added to the directory more quickly.

In addition to the directory of companies and sectorial bodies, Biocat also publishes a directory of research groups in the life sciences and a list of science and technology platforms in our country.

The Biocat Directory, the first edition of which was created in 2007, is the only one of its kind for the sector in Catalonia, and can be consulted free of charge online (in English).

Companies and organizations interested in updating their information or joining the directory (free of charge) must fill out this form:

If you have any questions, please contact the Biocat Knowledge Management team: Cristina Alonso ( and Mònica Montero (

The Biocat Directory has more than 1,200 profiles with qualitative information on all the stakeholders in the BioRegion.

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