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New informative sessions on Design Health Barcelona training program

d·HEALTH Barcelona seeks radical change in innovation in the healthcare sector. It goes beyond traditional classes and submerges participants in a hospital setting, where they will gain first-hand experience of real innovation over eight months.

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By Biocat

After the launch of the Moebio initiative and the Design Health Barcelona training program (d·HEALTH Barcelona) on 16 April, with some 200 heads of hospitals, universities, companies, the Administration and students, we will hold a series of informative sessions in the coming months at Catalan universities and participate in various events in the innovation and entrepreneurship arena. We have also posted a video of the event featuring the main guest experts and a photo gallery of the networking session held at the CCCB.

d·HEALTH Barcelona, which will begin in September, is geared towards postgraduates with degrees in medicine, bioscience, engineering, economics or design that want to make a change in their careers and pursue entrepreneurship in the health sector. Over eight months, selected students will work in multidisciplinary teams of four that will stay together throughout the process, which begins with a period of immersion in a hospital to detect real unmet needs, followed by designing and prototyping a new product or service, and concluding with contacting investors to fund the project. The hospital centers in Barcelona participating in the program are Hospital Clínic, Hospital Sant Joan de Déu and Guttmann Institute.

Throughout the process, students will take on knowledge about medicine and business development and skills in areas like design thinking and creative leadership through a series of classes and workshops given by more than 50 international specialists.

d·HEALTH Barcelona is a disruptive program in various ways and is inspired by the experience of Stanford University: intensive immersion in a clinical setting, teamwork, new methodological approach (workshops and group dynamics, open debates, presentations and dialogue with panels of experts, MOOC, etc.) and the combination of classes and work sessions on science, business and X-thinking with experts and entrepreneurs from various arenas.

"Probably the most impressive acceleration/fellowship program we’ve seen in Europe," according to HealthStartup Europe (The Ultimate Guide to the World's Digital Health Ecosystem).

Biocat’s new commitment to training successful innovative professionals, boosting and accelerating entrepreneurship in the health sector, has just begun, so all those interested that couldn’t attend the launch still have the chance to get a first-hand look at the d·HEALTH Barcelona program at the informational sessions. More information is available at

Follow the program on Twitter @moebiobarcelona with the hashtag #dHEALTHBcn.

For more information: Moebio • Tel. +34 93 310 33 30 •

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Jorge Juan Fernández, head of academics at Moebio, at the presentation on 16 April - Photo: © Biocat, Sergi Cámara.