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One of each three Spanish sanitary technology companies has its headquarters in Catalonia

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Over 5,600 professionals develop their activity in the sector

The Spanish Federation of Sanitary Technology Companies of Catalonia (FENIN Catalunya) celebrates its 25th anniversary. Its goal is to bring closer companies and administration and, in this way, promote and modernise health assistance. The commemorative act has been celebrated in Barcelona, last 3rd December, and has gathered over 400 representatives of the sanitary sector.

Today, one of each three sanitary technology companies in Spain has its central headquarters in Catalonia. It represents 20% of the Spanish market with 5,500 million Euros per year. Over 5,600 professionals develop their activity in this sector and 50,000 indirect jobs are also generated.

Besides, 35% of this Catalan sector companies manufacture sanitary technology and 97% can be considered SMEs. According to Carlos Sisternas, director of Fenin Catalunya, ‘this company structure is faithful to the sector capacity constantly innovating at the service of the sanitary system and the patients’ quality of life’.

Leopoldo Galmes, founder president of FENIN Catalunya, has reminded us all that ‘at the beginning of the 80s the sanitary technology sector helped the Catalan Administration to configure a just transferred sanitary system providing them with experienced professionals to cover their needs.’ These last years, the sector relationship with the Catalan sanitary Administration has been promoted through agreements to promote R+D+I, sanitary technology value as well as its rational use.

The implication of FENIN Catalunya in the Catalan sanitary Administration translates into its participation as a member, among other, of the Catalan Health Service, Biocat (BioRegion of Catalonia) the Centre d’Innovació i Desenvolupament Empresarial (CIDEM) the Catalan Health Departament and the Junta Consultiva de Contractació Administrativa i Foment.

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