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Presenting Design Health Barcelona, a disruptive program to accelerate innovation in hospitals

Inspired by the prestigious Biodesign Fellowship at Stanford University, Biocat is offering this program under the new Moebio initiative to develop entrepreneurial talent.

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By Biocat

In recent years our knowledge in the life sciences has grown exponentially and technology has become increasingly complex. Furthermore, providing quality medical care has become a more difficult and costly process and creating more profitable healthcare products that improve patient care requires a new work method.

In this context, Biocat is launching Moebio and its flagship program Design Health Barcelona (d·HEALTH Barcelona) with collaboration from the University of Barcelona health campus (HUBc), inspired by the prestigious Biodesign Fellowship program at Stanford University (United States).

Moebio is a disruptive initiative where life sciences, business and technology meet in a new level to accelerate entrepreneurship in healthcare. Design Health Barcelona is a pioneering educational model that will train talented individuals to identify new opportunities and develop the advancing technologies that will set the future of medical practice and solve some of the society’s greatest problems. Three hospitals —Hospital Clínic Barcelona, Institut Guttmann and Hospital Sant Joan de Déu— will host the multidisciplinary teams of students participating in this program, which will begin in September 2013

The public presentation of Moebio and Design Health Barcelona will be held on 16 April at 7 pm, at the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB), featuring collaborators, researchers, doctors, businesspeople and investors that are already successfully driving innovation in the healthcare arena.


6:45 pm - Registration
7:00 pm - Presentations & Keynote
8:15 pm - Networking


Free registration (deadline: 15 April 2013)

Date: Tuesay, 16 April 2013
Time: 7 pm to 9 pm
Venue: Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB) • Sala Teatre • C/ Montalegre, 5 • Barcelona (map)

Follow the initiative on Twitter @moebiobarcelona

More information: Moebio • Tel. +34 310 33 30 •

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