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Registration now open for upcoming MOEBIO Short Programs

First to register for the 'Entrepreneurship & Management' program will get a 20% discount

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29 September saw the launch of three of the seven MOEBIO Short Programs, short training sessions created by Biocat from the Design Health Barcelona (d·HEALTH Barcelona) program covering key aspects of healthcare, innovation, management and entrepreneurship. Registration is now open for the remaining four MOEBIO Short Programs, with a 20% discount for the first to sign up for the  “Entrepreneurship & Management” program.

The goals of the MOEBIO Short Programs are to study trends and patterns in the healthcare sector and related industries and to understand healthcare organizations, provisions, regulations and financing, among other issues. They are specifically designed for entrepreneurs, managers and executives of healthcare organizations, students, recent graduates and other professionals interested in expanding their areas of expertise to healthcare and entrepreneurship.

Each MOEBIO Short Program lasts a maximum of 20 hours and has between 3 and 8 sessions that vary in length. Some programs are indivisible and others allow participants to attend individual sessions.

MOEBIO Short Programs 2014-2015:


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The MOEBIO Shorts Programs 2014-2015 began on 29 September.

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