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Reig Jofre and Natraceutical agree to merger, creating fifth largest publicly traded pharmaceutical company

Reig Jofre will hold 74% of the new company

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Reig Jofre and Natraceutical have formalized a merger protocol that is expected to be put in motion by the end of this year. The merger of Reig Jofre and Natraceutical will give the new company a joint turnover of €150 millions. This will make it the fifth largest Spanish pharmaceutical laboratory traded on the Spanish stock market, behind Grífols, Almirall, Rovi and Faes Farma.

The new company, of which Reig Jofre will hold 74%, will be based in Sant Joan Despí. Natra, the main shareholder in Natraceutical, will hold 12.99% and the remaining 13% will be held by the other Natraceutical shareholders.

According to Reig Jofre CEO Ignasi Biosca, “The operation makes a lot of sense to both companies, which share a common vision of growth based on exploiting their complementary geographical presence, products and distribution channels.”

Reig Jofre is one of the leading multinational corporations in the European pharmaceutical sector in terms of formulation and developing high value-added active ingredients. Natraceutical is publicly traded on the Spanish stock market, and is a benchmark in France in the sale of dietary supplements in pharmacies, through their laboratory Forté Pharma.


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Reig Jofre’s Sant Joan Despí headquarters, which will be the future headquarters of the new company as well

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