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RIS3CAT communities, research and innovation strategies for smart specialization

Biocat is dynamizing and coordinating the creation of a RIS3CAT community in health

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The European Commission has established an integrated approach for all funds under the cohesion policy for the 2014-2020 period. To this end, they ask that regions draft research and innovation strategies for smart specialization (RIS3) that, in line with the methodology set by the European Commission, boost the economic and knowledge-based specializations that best fit the region’s innovation potential, based on its assets and skill base.  

In this context, Catalonia’s Smart Specialization Strategy (RIS3CAT) lays the framework under which the Government of Catalonia will carry out R&D&i actions and programs in the 2014-2020 period and support the generation and development of innovative projects. RIS3CAT establishes that the sectors defined as strategic for Catalonia will be structured into communities. Each community will carry out initiatives to facilitate collaboration among sectorial stakeholders, to improve competitiveness and to generate solutions to society’s changing needs. Once approved by the Government of Catalonia, these communities will be the tools through which companies and stakeholders from the R&D&i system in strategic sectors will be able to apply for grants through the ERDF program for Catalonia 2014-2020.

Towards a RIS3CAT community in Health Innovation

Creating a RIS3CAT community in health is a great opportunity to boost innovation in health in Catalonia. This is why Biocat is dynamizing and coordinating the creation of a future RIS3CAT Community in Health Innovation, which aims to address the main health-related challenges, from knowledge to market access, with particular emphasis on actions associated with innovation in health

Under this framework, we are opening a call for participation to stakeholders in the health system, which may submit proposals for projects to be included in the plan of actions for the community proposal. Companies and organizations interested must submit proposals before 5 March 2015. To learn more about participation requirements and how to submit a proposal, contact Laia Arnal ( or phone +34 93 3103389).


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Biocat held an informational meeting on 17 December to present the RIS3CAT Health Community proposal

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