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Robotics and artificial intelligence, medical devices and market access, some of the upcoming MOEBIO Short Programs topics

The new sessions in these training programs began in January

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Studying the trends and patterns in the healthcare sector and related industries, understanding how they work and are organized, identifying the challenges in the life sciences sector and providing executives and businesspeople with new management tools are the main aims of the MOEBIO Short Programs. This initiative is made up of seven training programs created by Biocat from the Design Health Barcelona program (d·HEALTH Barcelona).

There are currently three MOEBIO Short Programs underway, lasting a maximum of 20 hours each, divided into 3 to 8 sessions of varying lengths. Participants can attend individual sessions, without having to sign up for the whole course.

New sessions kick off in early 2015 covering topics in medical technology, financing and business management. Noteworthy among these include the courses on medical robotics, medical device regulations and market access, and reimbursement strategy. 

The challenges of medical robotics

As part of the MOEBIO Short Program entitled The future of healthcare, Josep Amat, professor at the Polytechnic University of California and world-renowned expert in applied robotics, will give a session on 9 February explaining what robotics is and the different types of medical robotics available. He will also discuss current trends in robotics –particularly in terms of robotic surgery and artificial intelligence–, the challenges to be tackled in the future and the companies currently working in this field. Anyone interested in attending must sign up by 6 February at 12 pm.

Medical device regulations

Thursday 12 February, Luis Soenksen, medtec for businesspeople entrepreneur, program manager at Alandra Medical and fellowship director of the d·HEALTH BCN program, will give a two-part session under the Short Program on Medical devices explaining the differences in the regulatory process for healthcare devices and pharmaceutical products in the main market (United States) under the Multiple Technology Appraisal (MTA). Anyone interested in attending must sign up by 11 February at 12 pm.

Market access, strategic reimbursement and execution

The MOEBIO Short Program Medical devices will also feature a course on 26 February with Meike Bomhof –senior associate in Europe for HullAssociates–speaking on reimbursement, a key process in the medical technology sector. He will explain what reimbursement is, the differences between countries and available implementation strategies for creating medical technology companies. Anyone interested in attending must sign up by 25 February at 12 pm.

In addition to these sessions, there will also be others throughout 2015 including Digital health (part of the Short Program The future of healthcare) and Basic funding for entrepreneurs and How to use technology to manage a new company (part of the Short Program Entrepreneurship and management).


MOEBIO Short Programs 2015:

More information on the contents of the programs and how to sign up is available on the MOEBIO Short Programs website.


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Medical robotics will be the focus of one of the upcoming MOEBIO Short Programs 2015. - Photo: © UPC