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Roche adds new subsidiary specializing in diabetes at center in Sant Cugat

The Swiss multinational has created a division committed to digital health and innovation in treating chronic diseases in general

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The diabetes division of Roche Diagnostics has become a new pharmaceutical subsidiary that will be located at the center in Sant Cugat del Vallès. The company, called Roche Diabetes Care Spain, specializes in managing and treating chronic diseases, especially diabetes, and will add 100 new jobs to the staff in Sant Cugat (double the current number).

This company has been created to develop solutions for global, personalized management of diabetes by connecting patients, professionals and healthcare managers to better control the disease. The company, which will be led by Lars Kalfhaus, will start off serving the Spanish and Portuguese markets.

Roche Diabetes Care Spain will integrate the global brand of blood-sugar measurement devices (Accu-Check) and the company that develops digital solutions for effective diabetes management. This company, Emminens Healthcare Services, conducts studies on the impact digital health has on chronic patients and has proven that digital tools help keep 18% more patients under control.

The new subsidiary of the Swiss multinational will also be home to the IT Hub, a global computer development center for 52 countries, and the ICC, an international call center for seven countries offering personalized service.

At the same time, the company has also set the goal of innovating in management of chronic diseases and will thus offer governments services to help plan diabetes management. This disease affects more than six million people each year in Spain.

Lars Kalfhaus

Antonio Manso and Lars Kalfhaus - Photo: © Jaume Cosialls, Diario Médico.

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