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Sanofi commits to Design Health Barcelona program

The French pharmaceutical company, with a subsidiary in Barcelona, will collaborate with Biocat to boost entrepreneurial projects focusing on hospital innovation.

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By Biocat

Sanofi, one of the leading companies in the global pharmaceutical industry with a subsidiary in Barcelona, has joined Biocat’s Design Health Barcelona (d·HEALTH) program as a Corporate Partner, and will collaborate actively with this talent accelerator that has recently been launched to boost entrepreneurial projects focusing on hospital innovation.

"We are very proud that a company like Sanofi has decided to join us and help dynamize the Catalan health and life sciences ecosystem through innovation," says Biocat CEO Dr. Montserrat Vendrell. "We hope it will be the first of many such businesses supporting the program, as we are in talks with other companies interested and financial institutions to offer students favorable terms," concludes Vendrell.

Carme Miquel, director of Strategy, Business Development and Commercial Support at Sanofi, said that "joining Biocat in the Design Health Barcelona program makes us proud and motivates us, as they are a partner of great strategic value." Innovation is a key pillar for Sanofi "in all areas of our organization, which is why we believe this project will push us towards even more groundbreaking research into new solutions to bring value to patients."

d·HEALTH Barcelona is a groundbreaking training initiative to boost innovation, in which real needs from the hospital setting become the foundation for new technology to improve quality of patient care. Inspired by the prestigious Stanford Biodesign Fellowship and FutureMed (Singularity University) programs, d·HEALTH Barcelona is the flagship program of Moebio, Biocat’s new commitment to developing entrepreneurial talent in the health and life sciences sector.

The deadline for applications is in June and the program will begin in September. It is geared towards postgraduates with degrees in medicine, biosciences, engineering, economics or design that want to make a change in their careers and pursue entrepreneurship in the health sector.

Over the coming weeks, Biocat will participate and explain the characteristics of the biodesign innovation process and the d·HEALTH Barcelona program at Barcelona Design Week, Impulsa Forum and the MIHealth Forum, as well as other public events (see the calendar of events on this site).

Follow the program on Twitter @moebiobarcelona with the hashtag #dHEALTHBcn.

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Headquarters of Sanofi España at the Diagonal Mar building in Barcelona.