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Siemens Venture Capital, new investor in STAT-Diagnostica

The German fund has joined the third round of funding, for €25 millions, and will help launch the diagnostic platform in Europe in 2017

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STAT-Diagnostica, based in the Barcelona Science Park and specializing in diagnostic systems, has added Siemens Venture Capital as a new shareholder. This operation was an extension of the third round of funding valued at €25 millions that the company closed in April 2016, led by Dutch investor Gilde Healthcare and current equity partners Ysios Capital PartnersKurma PartnersCaixa Capital RiscBoehringer Ingelheim Venture FundAxis and Indivest Partners.

STAT-Diagnostica hasn't announced how much capital Siemens will invest in the firm but says it will devote the resources obtained to gaining approval and launching its DiagCORE diagnostic platform in Europe in 2017. “The STAT-Diagnostica technology will allow for huge breakthroughs in diagnosing and classifying infectious diseases," says Siemens Venture Capital CEO Ralf Schnell.

Not counting this latest investment, STAT-Diagnostica has already raised €44 millions, more than half of which is from foreign investors (€33 millions). "We are delighted that Siemens Venture Capital has become part of our investor base. Their participation is a terrific validation of the company’s vision and the work of our entire team," says CEO and co-founder Jordi Carrera.

The company founded by Jordi Carrera and Rafael Bru in 2010 is developing DiagCORE, a Near Patient Testing system for molecular diagnostics and immunoassays, designed mainly for critical patients that must be diagnosed immediately. STAT-Diagnostica aims to position the system in several decentralized diagnostic arenas, including hospital intensive care and ER departments.


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Rafael Bru (PhD in engineering) and Jordi Carrera (CEO), founder of STAT-Diagnostica.

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