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Subtilis Biomaterials to launch bone-regeneration products

The company was one of the finalists in the latest edition of the BioEmprenedorXXI awards

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Subtilis Biomaterials, a Catalan spin-off of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), expects to launch its synthetic bone-regeneration products to market by the end of the second quarter of 2105. Subtilis will seek authorization from the European Union to sell these products, calcium phosphate granules and foam for dental and orthopedic applications, in Europe.

The granule technology imitates human bone structure and chemistry, providing the right reabsorption rate thanks to the particular surface area and a macro/microporosity network that allows for proper vascularization, nutrient delivery and cell diffusion for bone growth.

Additionally, the phosphate foam changes the paradigm of bone grafting procedures with a combined approach. This product can be injected and hardens in vivo into a network of interconnected macropores that resemble bone trabeculae.  

Both products are unlike any other synthetic products available on the market due to their biomimetic technology, meaning that they closely emulate the way in which bone forms naturally. Subtilis CEO David Pastorino explains, “Although its sounds paradoxical, we create imperfect, nanostructured materials that interact with the patient’s bone to be regenerated.” This allows the products to act as a drug-delivery system.

There are currently several companies interested in distributing the Subtilis granules and foam, including dental franchises and pharmaceutical laboratories in several European countries.

After successfully closing a round of funding for nearly €300,000 in November with participation from Caixa Capital RiscBanc Sabadell and Carlos Aparicio, director of Aparicio Dental Clinics in Barcelona, the company will launch a new investment campaign to raise between €1.5 and 2 millions.

Looking to the future, Subtilis Biomaterials is now working to expand its product line with 3D printing solutions for bone grafts and inorganic compounds to treat teeth after cavities or accidents with sealing and antimicrobial properties. Plus, as David Pastorino explains, "Local drug delivery through bone grafts is one of the company’s strengths,” as this system is in an advanced state of development and product design is underway. 

Maria Pau Ginebra, co-founder of Subtilis Biomaterials. - ©Photo: Albert Salamé

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