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A team of 50 researchers is already working in the new Gaia building at the UPC in Terrassa, Barcelona

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The Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) has just started off the first phase of the new Gaia building, in the Terrassa Campus, where they have moved near 50 researchers. Last decade, the research activity of this UPC Terrassa Campus has undergone a rapid growth, to the extent that it has been necessary to build this new building. The three activity axes of this new building are transversality, precommercialisation and the improvement of the working conditions with the main aim of becoming an international referent.

The Gaia building has three floors, which have been allocated to three different research groups in expansion and with and an outstanding activity: MCIA, DONLL and SEER.

MCIA is the group of electronic commands and industrial applications. The group is coordinated by Dr José Luis Romeral and Dr Juan Antonio Ortega, and is working on a European macroproject with the leadership of Airbus, to reconvert into electronic systems all the airplanes operations circuits with the objective of achieving a safer and less pollutant system. The group is formed by 15 researchers.

DONLL, is the group directed by Dr Ramon Vilaseca, and has a team of 20 researchers studying the nature and effects of the non linear phenomena in physical systems. Renowned scientists are collaborating in this project, like Jordi García Ojalvo, who leads an ambitious European program with which he attempts to discover the nature of the human consciousness and the functioning of the brain in illnesses like Alzheimer.

The group of electrical systems and of renewable energy, SEER, carries out its research activity in the field of distributed energy electrical systems. It is one of the world’s top researching teams in this area and is formed by 13 researchers directed by Dr Pedro Rodríguez. Its project consists on achieving the integration of a renewable and more ecological energy in the current electrical system.

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