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Three days for university students to learn how to be 'healthtech' entrepreneurs

The registration period is now open for 3 Day Startup Barcelona, a training event to promote entrepreneurship among young people

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From 15 to 17 May, Barcelona will host a weekend event to foster entrepreneurial spirit among university students in the healthtech arena. It is the fourth edition of 3 Day Startup (3DS) to be held in Spain, the previous editions in Madrid and Vigo brought together more than 200 young people.

3 Day Startup Barcelona is a training initiative that provides university students with the knowledge to create a technology-based start-up in the health sector, through the learning-by-doing method.

3DS will bring together 40 students at La Salle Technova over the weekend. They will present possible ideas for a start-up on Friday and choose the best ones to develop in work groups on Saturday and Sunday. The students will have help from entrepreneurship experts (mentors) on interdisciplinary collaboration, brainstorming and market studies, as well as leadership skills and how to make decisions under time pressure. Finally, the groups will present a prototype to a panel of experts, who will evaluate them, and to investors, business angels and venture capital firms.

Participation is free of charge and registration is open through 30 April. The names of those chosen to participate in this experience will be announced in early May.

The event will also feature, on Friday 15 May, a presentation of Arnau Valls - Innovation Project Manager at the Hospital San Joan de Déu and co-founder of Kocoon - explaining his experience as a fellow of the 2013-2014 edition of Design Health Barcelona (d·HEALTH Barcelona), and  Kocoon has been created, a business project that is developing a device that uses sophisticated new materials to protect premature babies from excess noise. d·HEALTH Barcelona is a pioneering Biodesign training initiative in Barcelona to boost innovation, in which real hospital needs are used as the foundation for new technology to improve patient care. Inspired by the prestigious Stanford Biodesign Fellowship, d·HEALTH Barcelona is the flagship program of Moebio, an initiative of Biocat to develop entrepreneurial talent in the health and life sciences sector.

79 start-ups from 3DS

The 3DS initiative began at the University of Texas (Austin, USA) and has spread to 5 continents, with more than 5,000 university students participating around the world.

There have now been more than 130 events held in Germany, the Netherlands, France, Portugal, Chile, China, Spain and other countries. From these, 79 start-ups have been created, many of which have continued beyond the scope of 3DS, obtaining more than $40 millions in total funding and joining accelerators and incubators.


You can follow the event on Twitter @3DSBarcelona with the hashtag #3DSxBCN15.

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University students in a brainstorming session at the 3 Day Startup. - Photo: © 3DS

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