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Wide Catalan representation in the third scientific meeting of the Interbio project

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Catalonia had the most representatives at the third scientific meeting of the Interbio project, which was held from 18th to 21st January in Valencia, with 11 representatives from Biocat, the Barcelona Science Park (PCB), the Autonomous University of Barcelona Research Park (PRUAB), the Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC), the Barcelona Institute of Biomedical Research (IRB), the Center of Regenerative Medicine in Barcelona (CMRB), the Blood and Tissue Bank (BST) and the Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital.

The Interbio project is part of the Interreg program for cooperation among regions in the Sudoe area (France, Spain and Portugal) and aims to create a network of technology platforms and high-level research to promote transnational technology transfer.

The meeting in Valencia, with the slogan Forging Partnerships brought together scientists from the institutions involved in this project –Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse, the Valencian Foundation for Urban Innovation and Knowledge Economy, the Lisbon Institute for Chemical and Biological Technology, the Bordeaux Institute of Biological Science and Biocat– and identified collaborations and exchanges in two key areas: drug discovery and design, and regenerative medicine and stem cells. The presentations and papers given by participants were combined with meetings of the European project’s scientific committees.

The first meeting, in Toulouse in September 2009, included a kick-off where members presented their areas of research and expertise to identify possible partnering opportunities. The second, a workshop on nanotechnology (Nanoswec) held in Bordeaux last November, brought together all disciplines (biology, biochemistry, physics and mathematics) involved in bio-inspired nanotechnology to explore new systems and materials design.

The next meeting of this network will be held in Barcelona in July 2010 and will be a workshop on nanotechnology and informatics applied to healthcare.

Interbio is funded with money from FEDER. It began in May 2009 and will run through December 2011. The PCB and PRUAB accompany Biocat in this project.




Representatives at the scientific meeting, including the director of Interbio, Alain-Michel Boudet.

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