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Nine in ten former fellows find work in the sector

Nine in ten former d·HEALTH Barcelona fellows find work in the healthcare sector after finishing the program. The most popular job opportunities among graduates of the program promoted by Biocat are in hospitals, pharmaceutical and medtech companies, and at research bodies, particularly in positions involving innovation. Many fellows are also working in consultancy, venture capital and at incubators.

The companies and organizations that have hired former d·HEALTH Barcelona fellows include the Mayo Clinic, Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, Sanofi, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, IRB Barcelona, CSV Experts, Capital Cell and DKV Seguros, among others.

Marina Rincón, Anna Echegaray and Lalis Fontcuberta, three participants from very different backgrounds, tell us about their experience in the program and the professional challenges they are facing today.


Marina Rincón, Special Project Associate at the Mayo Clinic and founder of Weallare.Co

Marina Rincón studied physical therapy but discovered that her true vocation was healthcare innovation. "d·HEALTH Barcelona gave me a new, global perspective of the healthcare sector and the number of stakeholders involved," explains Rincón. After finishing the fellowship, which she did in 2014-2015, she decided to go to the United States. There she worked as a volunteer at Johns Hopkins Hospital and the Mayo Clinic so she could study the US healthcare system. She is currently working at the Mayo Clinic, where she is in charge of improving the quality of internal and external processes at the clinic. Plus, she has founded her own start-up, Weallare.Co, and collaborates with MJN Neuroserveis. Learn more about Marina Rincón in this interview on the Moebio blog.


Anna Echegaray, Digital Health Processes Designer at DKV and founder of My-qup

Anna Echegaray studied Telecommunications Engineering and Product Design before joining the 2014-2015 d·HEALTH Barcelona fellowship. As a result of her clinical immersion at Hospital Clinic Barcelona, she co-founded My-qup, which has developed an anal plug for fecal incontinence. "In the case of My-qup, design is everything. There are already several types of anal plugs, so design is what sets us apart from the competition," explains Echegaray. She is currently combining her work on this project with positions as a digital health processes designer at DKV and a product designer at BÜRG&ECH. Learn more about Anna Echegaray in this interview on the Moebio blog.


Lalis Fontcuberta, specialist in lean management and patient experience

Lalis Fontcuberta studied business, international trade and market techniques and research. Despite coming from the business world, the chance to have a real impact on patients ended up leading her into the healthcare sector. "It's very gratifying to know that the work you put so many hours into each day has a direct impact on quality of life for healthcare professionals and patients," explains Fontcuberta. After years in the pharmaceutical industry and doing the 2013-2014 d·HEALTH Barcelona fellowship, she is now working as a specialist in lean management and patient experience. This innovative methodology aims to develop excellent organizations by improving the processes they use every day. Learn more about Lalis Fontcuberta in this interview on the Moebio blog.


An alumni network

The network is one of the most important elements of d·HEALTH Barcelona. "The community of fellows and alumni from the program is growing," highlights Moebio Director Raquel Riera. "They have all experienced the same training on the innovation cycle through the d·HEALTH Fellowship and, afterwards, there are a variety of innovation and entrepreneurship activities in the life sciences. Experience tells us that extremely important relationships are forged among the fellows. They work on collaborative projects together, share contacts, best practices, grant calls for start-ups, events, etc." Moebio is currently working to create a network to encourage synergies among program alumni.

Some of these former fellows had a reunion in October at a party celebrating the fifth anniversary of the program.

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 CRAASH Barcelona was created with the aim of helping research teams launch innovations to market in the fields of medical devices, diagnostics and e-health and digital health. In early 2019, Biocat will kick off a new edition of the program.

48% of former d·HEALTH Barcelona fellows have their own business project. Some start-ups from the clinical immersions at the hospitals are MOWOOT, I-Ophthalmology and Loop Dx.

"Five years ago, the BioRegion of Catalonia had excellent research and other great ingredients, but we were lacking the talent: Moebio was Biocat's great commitment to...