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Start-up generation

Tomàs Lóbez Pérez

CEO of Nixi for Children

Tomàs is CEO of Nixi for Children. He studied design and has been a lecturer and professor at schools including ESADE and EINA. 
His company has received various institutional recognitions like the DKV Impacte award for best health technology initiative and the BizBarcelona award for best Covid-19 initiative from Barcelona Activa.

"As an entrepreneur, every day can be your last day"


Nixi for Children is a project working to empower pediatric patients and help them overcome their fear of hospitals and the procedures they need. The company’s solution is a kit with a personalized immersive virtual reality experience.

The tool aims to get information on the operating room and the experience on the day of the surgery to children having operations and their families beforehand. This way, the patients will be familiar with what is happening, which will lessen their fear and anxiety of an unknown situation.

During COVID-19, Nixi for Children created and distributed for free a special virtual reality experience telling children what the coronavirus is and helping make them more aware of the current situation and how they can help.