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He was awarded the prize at the B·Debate session "Personalized Respiratory Medicine. Exploring the Horizon" 


Biocat will present this program at booth A 108, located in Pavilion 1, level 0 at Fira de Barcelona


Scientists and experts with links to Catalan research bodies can submit proposals


The two sessions will take place on January the 29th and 30th at CosmoCaixa, in Barcelona


More than 400 researchers participated in the first 'Barcelona Conference on Epigenetics and Cancer' held by B·Debate and the IMPPC. The next edition, in 2014, will be organized by Idibell.


First edition of the "Barcelona Conference on Epigenetics and Cancer: Challenges, Opportunities and Perspectives", which will be held over the coming five years and aspires to become a global benchmark in this field.


The authors of the article, Adolf Tobeña, Òscar Vilarroya, Mónica Tolsanas and Antoni Bulbena are associated with the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the “Social Brain” chair.


In the past 30 years, only two new classes of antibiotics have been developed, explained experts and scientists at the B·Debate and ISGlobal scientific debates in Barcelona.


According to Jaume Bertranpetit, during the B·Debate and CCCB lecture series, the most difficult aspect of our evolutionary process to see is how selection has led to complex characteristics like intelligence.


“Pollution is the second most important health risk,” says María Neira, WHO director of Public Health. Each year 7 million people around the world die from air pollution.