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The International Center for Scientific Debate, the Technology Museum of l'Empordà and the Girona Regional Government Casa de Cultura present a cicle of lectures to reflect on the past and future of human food and its relationships with pleasure, creativity, health and scientific and technological breakthroughs.


The International Center for Scientific Debate and the CCCB offer this series of conferences, open to the general public, which will include scientists and thinkers like Miguel Beato, María Blasco, Inez de Beaufort and John Gray.


Regenerative therapies, new imaging diagnostic tools and new analyses are some of the work topics.


The prestigious Catalan cardiologist, who has been working in the USA for years, will give a conference on preventing heart disease that is open to the general public.


Under the scientific direction of Dr. Valentí Fuster, the conference is being organized in conjunction with "la Caixa" Welfare Projects and the International Center for Scientific Debate.


Ramon Canal, director of the Medical Services of the Barcelona FC, and Francesc X. Roca, coordinator of MuscleTech Network, will make a presentation.


The event is organized in conjunction with “la Caixa” Welfare Projects and the International Center for Scientific Debate (ICSD).


The ICSD drives first-rate international scientific meetings to promote dialogue, debate, collaboration and open exchange of ideas and knowledge among experts.


Oncologists and specialists in reproductive medicine analyze the future of new fertility preservation techniques at this session held in Barcelona as part of the International Center for Scientific Debate’s yearly calendar of events. 


The Institute of Photonic Sciences is organizing a meeting focusing on the challenges and breakthroughs in using light in neurology, neurosciences and oncology on 30 and 31 May.