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The projects establish collaborative links between patients’ associations and doctors. An accredited medical website is the channel used to communicate with patients.


The recognition of the new medical specialities will be made through a royal decree that will be ready before finishing this year.


The second congress of the National Network of Biobanks will be held in Tarragona in October, bringing together some 300 national and foreign participants.


In a Phase I/II clinical trial conducted in European hospitals, the drug reduced tumors by up to 75% in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia that are resistant to current treatments.


It is a public-private alliance model, with a determined international projection and that will be managed by Insigneo Barcelona Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Modelling.


Scientist from the UAB have delivered DNA directly to a cell’s nucleus using protein nanodiscs. Their discovery pioneers a new class of therapeutic nanoparticles.


It is based on Membrane Lipid Therapy (MLT), which alters the dynamics of multiple cell membrane proteins. The company is seeking new investors in order to proceed with preclinical development.


Dr. Berta Ponsati, director of BCN Peptides: “It will be an important contribution to the current arsenal of new molecules for pain treatment".


This enlargement has allowed to grow from 90 to 160 researchers and to accommodate new research groups on genomics, transcriptomics and immunology.


In spite of his youth, Manel Esteller (Sant Boi de Llobregat, 1968) is an international referent as far as epigenetics is concerned.