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Advances in Covid-19 research and devices mark the news in the BioRegion in April

Will Covid-19 affect investment in the biomedical sector?

The BioRegion of Catalonia has a solid local investment fabric and the number of international investors has grown tenfold over the past 5 years. How will the pandemic affect their activity? Companies are seeing some operations postponed, but investors, for now, are optimistic: activity won’t stop, quite the opposite, this will boost interest to attract more investment.


Companies and research stakeholders in the healthcare, food, chemistry, energy, industrial systems and mobility sectors can sign up

Marta-Gaia Zanchi (Nina Capital): “This year we will see lower investment in health technology concentrated in fewer deals”

Dr. Marta-Gaia Zanchi, founder and managing partner of Nina Capital, explains how the Covid-19 pandemic could affect investment in digital health and medical technology.

5 Covid-19 therapies from Catalan research

Biocat will provide support for the 19 research projects in the BioRegion awarded €4 million from the Catalan Ministry of Health to research the pandemic. 5 of these projects are researching new therapies using very diverse strategies. Let’s look at what they’re working on.


Healthcare projects at IRB Barcelona, CRG, IBEC and UAB awarded prestigious grants from the European Research Council


Venture capital operations and scientific publications round out the few news stories this month on topics other than the pandemic


Four initiatives of VHIO, UPF, IDIBELL and IGTP will receive personalized guidance and up to €300,000 in funding


Aromics, Avida Biotech, GoodGut and Smart Bcn Technologies have contacted with potential partners in Asia