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The website created by the Government of Catalonia also aims to raise awareness of the Catalan R&D&i system internationally.


The Catalan government has also recognized the work of the newspaper 'La Vanguardia' in scientific communication, businessman Pere Balcells as a patron of science, and the public/private partnership of Henkel, ICIQ and UAB.


The Catalan delegation will be the academy’s headquarters for southern Europe and will help dynamize research, education and innovation.


President of the multinational pharmaceutical corporation in Spain Jesús Acebillo confirms that the company will begin to manufacture inhaled drugs in the new facilities in 2013.


More than 300 world-renowned experts will participate in the 2013 program, furthering B·Debate’s goal to promote collaboration and the exchange of initiatives and knowledge.


The work of this Catalan chemist, who has been linked to the Ferrer group for three decades, has contributed to promoting Barcelona as a city of research and knowledge.


The European Research Council has received 2,300 applications from high level researchers, 4.5% more than in 2011.


Delayed motherhood, increasing numbers of amniocenteses and assisted reproductive treatments are some of the causes that explain the jump in preterm births.


It expands on the qualitative information provided on companies and organizations in the Catalan biocluster in order to boost their international projection.


Some twenty experts in obstetrics and neonatology from around the world will debate how to reduce the number of preterm births and improve treatment of health complications these infants suffer in the long term on 16 and 17 January in Barcelona.