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Investors in the Ysios BioFund I will see the first returns on their investment, many before the 5 to 7 years that constitute the average in the venture capital sector.


Invest in Spain offers aid valued at 1,600,000 euros for companies that start up operations in any region of the country or those already established that begin R&D&i activities.


Carlos Buesa: “We are excited by the prospect of working more closely with the Alzheimer's community".


The great breakthrough of this new device, which will go on the market in 2012, is that it reduces patient pain and risk of infection, as well as obtaining data faster and more precisely.


Alfón, previously at Palau Pharma, will head the Catalan company’s preclinical and clinical development of an anti-cancer drug candidate


It would be the first treatment to both slow the development of the disease and reduce the neurologic damage that it causes.


Janus will work to produce a medication to treat drug addiction and a vaccine for pasteurellosis, which affects many species of production animals.


Synergies will allow these two companies to provide integral service, from discovery and patenting through to the market.


The project is a huge breakthrough in the development of technology applied to neuroscience.


Neurofarmagen TDAH® is a genetic analysis that allows doctors to see how a patient will react to the most common attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder drugs and helps evaluate future risks.