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The aim of the forum is to exchange ideas and opinions on the challenges and opportunities posed by the arrival of a new generation of drugs.


The company has signed accords with PharmaMar (Madrid), to identify clinical markers for tracking anti-tumor agents, and Dyax Corp (USA), to develop therapeutic antibodies.


Overactive bladder is one of the most common pathologies among elderly Koreans. The market for treatment has grown more than 15% annually.


As if it were a social network, the new technology developed by Anaxomics can integrate all the information that is known on biological networks and mechanisms of action of medicines.


Raphael Klingmann and Dariusch Mani, two executives with extensive international pharmaceutical industry experience, have joined the company's management team.


It is based on Membrane Lipid Therapy (MLT), which alters the dynamics of multiple cell membrane proteins. The company is seeking new investors in order to proceed with preclinical development.


The new center has required a total investment of 40 million euros. The products manufactured there, active pharmaceutical ingredients, will be sold on the American, European, Japanese and Chinese markets.


The newly appointed president, as his main project, plans to move forward with the sectorial plan announced by the Spanish Government last September.


Sagetis is working on technology to allow for drug delivery through the blood-brain barrier (BBB), opening the door to treatment for diseases that currently have no cure.


Biotech company Palau Pharma has presented a redundancy plan for 53 workers. This measure aims to fit the biotech company’s size to its current needs.