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It is one of the biggest medical technologies sector investments in Spain and is directed to finalize the development of a blood pressure measurer which does not require calibration and does not need a bracelet.


Sergi Pumarola, managing director of BioGLane: “A breakthrough concept like D-fagomine couldn’t have come out of a traditional company".


President of the Spanish Government and minister of Health and Social Policy met with representatives from the Spanish Association for the Pharmaceutical Industry (Farmaindustria).


Grifols stock up 5.11% and Palau Pharma regains license for their star anti-inflammatory drug.


They have recently closed distribution deals with companies from the medical sectors in these two countries. Avinent’s turnover in 2009 totaled 4.2 million euros and is expected to reach 6 million euros by the end of this year.


Catalan biotechnology company Oryzon has just received authorization from the Government of Catalonia to carry out clinical diagnostics in humans.


Anna Vila, director of Advancell Nanosystems Division: "It is in a key location, searching for continuous exchange of knowledge and resources between university and company".


Intelligent Pharma, Neurotec Pharma, SOM Biotech, Palo Biofarma and the Barcelona Science Park have decided to create a research consortium to join forces and technology to design new multiple sclerosis (MS) therapies.


Neogenius Pharma is an innovative project of its kind in the Spanish pharmaceutical industry and a clear example of public-private cooperation to foster R&D&I.


Over the next three years, they will carry out a number of projects to support the start up of new companies in the life sciences field, identify new private investors and attract international investors.