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SOM Biotech i Vall d’Hebron assaig clínic fàrmac amiloïdosi

It is a rare disease that affects the nervous system and heart, with only one treatment in the world

Transplant Biomedicals

The capital increase, led by Kereon Partners, will allow the start-up to develop and market its first product, a medical device to better preserve and transport transplant organs

Carles Domenech, director general Ability Pharma

The results come on the heels of the drug receiving FDA designation as an orphan drug

Oryzon genomics

This capital increase confirms the company is valued at €96.5 millions ahead of IPO


The projects selected are from the fields of cardiology, neurology and diagnostic imaging

Rosendo Garganta Devicare

Rosendo Garganta

Founder and CEO of Devicare

Industrial engineer and electronic engineer, Rosendo was lured away by the siren call of entrepreneurialism in the health and medtech sector. After studying business administration, entrepreneurship and innovation, he founded the medtech start-up Devicare. He is also a small investor and/or board member at start-ups Rob Surgical, usMIMA and Anaconda Biomed.


The Swiss multinational corporation will have the exclusive rights to develop, manufacture and market the product worldwide

Martinell Minoryx

The company, which specializes in drug development for rare or minority diseases without treatment, has received €19.4

ab biotics sanofi

The probiotic formula, developed by the Catalan biotechnology company, will be the first that pharmaceutical corporation Sanofi will market in Spain

Health & Bio Team Dating 2015

The event, organized by Banc Sabadell, Biocat, CataloniaBio and the Bosch i Gimpera Foundation, will take place in Barcelona on 3 December