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These resources will be used to take their new product to treat chemotherapy-resistant cancers into the clinical phases.


The deal is subject to approval of AB-Biotics shareholders at its meeting of next 11th April.


The operation, which will allow Sciclone to use technology developed by Intelligent Pharma to better understand how specific molecules work, will help drivethe Catalan biotechnology company’s international expansion.


These measures respond to the current situation of economic recovery and will facilitate growth and help generate jobs in innovative companies.


The new plant has 6,200 square meters of floor space and will manufacture large-scale sterilizers for hospitals and research centers.


Catalan Telstar and British Puretech Process Systems have been strategic partners since the end of last year. Jordi Net, Telstar Sales Marketing Director says, “The new brand is synonymous with high quality and lower life-cycle prices.”


This operation will increase the group’s presence in the United States, where they have already ensured plasma supply with 80 plasmapheresis centers.


Investors in the Ysios BioFund I will see the first returns on their investment, many before the 5 to 7 years that constitute the average in the venture capital sector.


Invest in Spain offers aid valued at 1,600,000 euros for companies that start up operations in any region of the country or those already established that begin R&D&i activities.


Carlos Buesa: “We are excited by the prospect of working more closely with the Alzheimer's community".