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Claus per bioemprendre

The personal experience of several entrepreneurs will serve to explain the keys to setting up a successful business in the sector, a growing trend

Cultius transgènics i biotecnologia a la UdL

The University of Lleida and Agrotecnio held a conference on the research opportunities in this field with collaboration from Biocat and other stakeholders in the sector


This lecture series will feature Biocat CEO Montserrat Vendrell on 17 February


According to Jaume Bertranpetit, during the B·Debate and CCCB lecture series, the most difficult aspect of our evolutionary process to see is how selection has led to complex characteristics like intelligence.


The event will be held on 4 November at the CCCB and feature Montserrat Vendrell moderating the debate.


The renowned Italian geneticist will give a conference on 28 October as part of the “Evolution and Culture” series of lectures organized by B•Debate and the CCCB.


Recent discoveries in the fields of genetics and evolutionary biology confirm the intimate relationship between biology and culture. Featuring Jared Diamond, Guido Barbujani, Jaume Bertranpetit and Juan-Luis Arsuaga, among others.


Top-notch scientists invite the public to participate in Researchers’ Night 2013 in Barcelona, Girona and Lleida.


The Barcelona Biomedical Research Park will hold their annual open house on Saturday 5 October.


Richard Curtis brings a story of the fight against malaria in Africa to the cinema, starring Hilary Swank and Brenda Blethyn.