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10 Recommendations for closing the gender gap in the life sciences and healthcare sector

March 8 was International Women’s Day: a great time to remember a gender gap that, at the current pace, would take us 136 more years to close. The situation is better in the life sciences and healthcare sector than other industries, but inequalities remain in areas like salaries and access to executive positions, among many others. A report drafted by Biocat at the behest of the Catalan Ministry of Equality and Feminisms compiles...


The femtech boom: Startups serving women's health

In this post, we analyze a segment of companies that are on the upswing and have made the BioRegion the third leading European hub in number of femtech startups. Furthermore, according to women entrepreneurs and some investment funds, it could become one of the most profitable sectors in the short term as long as it secures one of its main challenges: funding