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Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned Transferència de tecnologia

Four experts from the business arena, academia and venture capital share the main lessons they’ve learned in this field in recent years in Catalonia

Lessons Learned: Estratègies d'internacionalització

Four companies from the BioRegion explain how they took their internationalization process to countries like India, China, Brazil, Colombia and the United States in a new Lessons Learned session

Lessons Learned

Three biotech firms share their experience at 'Lessons Learned' and give advice for getting funds through one of the star programs of Horizon 2020

Lessons Learned

Biocat and CataloniaBio gathered sector experts from consultancies and the industry during the last session of Lessons Learned of 2016

Lessons Learned sobre comunicació

The Lessons Learned session on 4 October covered various aspects of communication in the healthcare and life sciences sector

Lessons Learned sobre valoració biotecs

Six investors and entrepreneurs that have had some of the most important rounds of funding in the biotechnology sector in Catalonia share their experience in a Lessons Learned session

lessons learned

On 5 July, investors and entrepreneurs will meet once again at the Barcelona Science Park

Lessons Learned sobre medical devices

Six leading companies in Catalonia share their experience at the latest session of Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned sobre medical devices

The session on 5 May will focus on validating and prototyping these products and be held at the UAB Research Park

lessons learned

The first session will be held on 31 March, focusing on successful organizational models for biotech companies