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d·HEALTH 2017

The 2017 program kicks off on 23 January, intensifying exchange activities with other biodesign students in Europe

John Collins CIMIT

John Collins

Chief Operating Officer and Technology Implementation Director at the Center for Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology (CIMIT)

Before joining CIMIT, John spent his career in industry as a leader in technology-driven businesses, with more than 25 years of international experience focused on the accelerated development and commercialization of innovative technology, products and services.

Graduation Day 2016 dHEALTH

The fellows presented their solutions for the first time in public at the graduation ceremony on 20 October at the Mobile World Centre

Equip usMIMA

These include usMIMA, one of the companies to come out of the Design Health Barcelona master, which has been selected to pitch its project to investors

Sessió de Kaospilot

The session will be held on 8 September at the University of Barcelona Faculty of Medicine

Alumnes d·HEALTH a Galway

This is the first activity organized under the framework of the EIT Health Innovation Fellowships program, which promotes collaboration among masters in health entrepreneurship in Europe

dhqalth barcelona

The Master will start in January 2017 and is geared towards graduates in business, design, engineering or the life sciences who are interested in going into business in the sector

Equip usMIMA

The product has a new brand, MOWOOT, and is available for rehabilitation therapists to try out with their patients before it goes on the market in June


Anurag Mairal

Associate professor and director of the Stanford Biodesign Global Exchange Program 

After spending two years at PATH, an NGO focused on creating innovative solutions in the health arena for developing countries, Anurag Mairal has returned to Stanford, where he is an associate professor and director of the Stanford Biodesign Global Exchange Program. He is also a member of the d·HEALTH Barcelona Advisory Board.

Bootcamp d·Health Barcelona 2016

Danish entrepreneurial school KaosPilot, which is collaborating with the program, has given them the tools and, above all, the skills they need for their teamwork projects