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The event will take place on Friday 24 January at Barcelona’s DHUB building


The proposed solutions will opt to a $ 200,000 (150,000 euros) prize for their development.


Biocat has reached an agreement with Alandra Medical Inc, a Mexican company specialized in innovative medical devices, which has launched an international competition to fund projects that overcome health challenges.


This eight-week stay in three benchmark hospitals will serve to develop innovative solutions to improve the quality of patient care.


Josep Amat: "The strength of Catalunya in research is recognized worldwide and we are in a great time to innovate in healthcare"


The 12 selected fellows come from the US, Germany, Italy and Spain and, all together, have 105 scientific publications, 6 patents and 18 professional awards.


d·HEALTH Barcelona is a pioneering training initiative to boost innovation based in an immersion in a hospital —Clinic of Barcelona, Sant Joan de Deu and Guttmann— to identify real, unmet needs.


Surgeon, expert in biodesign and founder of Ciel Medical Inc., Azagury has developed six medical devices over his career.


The French pharmaceutical company, with a subsidiary in Barcelona, will collaborate with Biocat to boost entrepreneurial projects focusing on hospital innovation.


In this conference he will explain his real case study of hospital innovation and give keys to entrepreneurial success in the health arena. Over his career, Azagury has developed 6 medical devices.