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Science parks

David Bermúdez

The previous CEO and founder of the company, Ignasi Belda, has been named deputy director of the Barcelona Science Park

Equip Unitat Mixta ESTEVE-PCB

The two organizations are further strengthening their collaboration, which began more than 10 years ago, to focus on one of the most frequent unmet medical needs in Europe


The new platform, which already has 44 member organizations, aims to promote the bioinformatics sector in Catalonia


On May 15, the PCB will host a symposium entitled “Com finanço el meu projecte?”


The research was carried out in part at the ALBA-CELLS Synchrotron by Miquel Coll’s structural biology team and was published in the journal 'Cell'


The new building, in which €30 millions were invested, is located at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB)


Buenaventura Guamis: "It aims to help our researchers guiding them in the transformation process from a research into a business project”


The Barcelona Biomedical Research Park is home to seven research centers, four companies and roughly 1,400 scientists and professionals from 55 countries.


This event will bring together the stakeholders in the University of Barcelona Group research and innovation system, companies located in the Barcelona Science Park and the from the general business arena.


Intelligent Pharma, Neurotec Pharma, PaloBiofarma and SOM Biotech, joined in a consortium since 2010, will carry out research in two lines: designing new active ingredients and repositioning drugs already on the market.