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Science parks


Biocat, Barcelona Science Park and Shanghai Juke Biotech Park have signed an agreement to facilitate the exchange and establishment of companies in these two cities.


At the inaugural event, Andreu Mas-Colell and Carmen Vela highlighted the potential of this center to carry out quality research with a global impact.


The Catalan pharmaceutical company aims to foster 'Open Innovation' in the biomedical R&D arena in an environment of scientific and technical excellence.


The Catalan CRO will present their services for the development of innovative biological products, biosimilars and vaccines at BIO Boston, from 18 to 21 June.


Genome research is key to the competitive development of sectors like biomedicine, agriculture, food biotechnology, renewable energy and environmental bioengineering.


The coming 24th to 26th April there will take place some open and free activities for the public to learn about and participate in research projects carried out in Barcelona’s centers.


This multinational engineering and technology group, which has operated in Catalonia for 19 years, will invest €25 millions in Parc de l'Alba.


Maluquer’s appointment, taking over for scientist Fernando Albericio, was decided yesterday at the PCB Foundation Board meeting.


This is one of the three proposals approved by the Carlos III Health Institute in the call held by the International Rare Diseases Research Consortium.


29 SMEs from leading bioclusters of Germany, Catalonia, France and Israel, among others, participate in the encounter organised by the CEBR.