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Science parks


To date, the program has already enabled 275 undergraduates from various countries to complete a research internship.


As scheduled, this is the ‘symbolic’ first ray of light so the synchrotron can be used for biomedical research before the year is out.


Tomorrow staff from these centers will participate in Spain’s first training course on explaining nanotechnology to students aged 11 to 18 years.


He has shown interest in the training programs to shorten distance between university students and research, like the Summer School of Medicines and 'Spend the summer at the Park!'.


Palacio brings to the Park more than 20 years of management and consulting experience at companies including Telefónica, Arthur Andersen, Centrisa, Landata and Alcatel.


Speakers will include Mercè Balcells (Harvard MIT Biomedical Engineering Center), Joël J. Mairet and Josep Lluís Sanfeliu (Ysios), Lluís Pareras (the Barcelona Medical Association) and Lluís Ruíz (Janus).


The President of the Government of Catalonia remarked that the Leitat technology center is “a show of trust in our country’s future and economic potential”.


The bioincubator, which will host new creation companies, has enlarged its modular building space of the Consortium Biopol'H in Hospitalet.


This new research and innovation area for UPC science groups, companies and other organizations aims to be a benchmark in agrifood engineering, biotechnological engineering and landscape and environmental engineering.


Sergi Pumarola, managing director of BioGLane: “A breakthrough concept like D-fagomine couldn’t have come out of a traditional company".