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International researchers participate in the sessions organized by Biocat and the “la Caixa” Foundation in Barcelona


Advances in producing, managing and exploiting huge volumes of data, and knowledge of genetic and molecular alterations associated with disease, have generated huge expectations for personalized medicine. Ethical, technological, social, legal and care-related challenges, however, can be a hurdle to fulfilling these expectations. We'll go over some of the main messages of the first Forum BIB, organized by the Bioinfomatics Barcelona Association (BIB) in collaboration with Biocat and the "la Caixa" Banking Foundation


Clinical milestones, new launches and scientific awards round out the headlines in the BioRegion for October

B·Debate Sleep CosmoCaixa

International scientists presented the 'Sleep Manifesto' at the event promoted by Biocat and the “la Caixa” Foundation


The event, promoted by Biocat and the “la Caixa” Foundation, was co-organized by CRG, UB, UOC, IrsiCaixa and ISGlobal


Baselga’s resignation serves as a bittersweet counterpoint to a September full of good news

ERC Proof of concept, IRB, CRG, UAB

Projects from the IRB, CRG, and UAB have been chosen in the latest edition of grants from the European Research Council (ERC), each worth up to €150,000. Catalonia swept 10% of the total grants awarded to researchers from all over Europe and 5 of the 7 grants awarded to Spanish entities.

Portal BAC

One out of six Catalan biomedicine publications among the most cited documents in the world


International scientists discuss in Barcelona how to predict the genetics and types of pathogens that will affect crops in the future


Business internationalization and hospital news as the first stool bank complete the last headlines before vacation