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Noticia resum mes de juny BioRegió Catalunya

Companies in the BioRegion of Catalonia worked on internationalization in Asia and America in June and awards were granted to Catalan researchers, including those from Banco Sabadell Foundation and Francisco Cobos

Resum notícies mes de maig 2017

Companies in the BioRegion have closed rounds of funding valued at nearly €20 millions in May and announce new hires, like Manuel Serrano at IRB Barcelona

debats científics B·Debate

The next scientific debate in Barcelona, hosted by B·Debate, will bring together experts and healthcare authorities on 23 and 24 May to discuss the risks of exotic viruses and find answers

Noticia mes abril Biocat

Among the most noteworthy news stories in the BioRegion of Catalonia, Barcelona’s bid to host the EMA is moving forward and the Agbar tower is the proposed location


Members of the GTEx project are meeting for the first time in Europe (Barcelona) on 20 and 21 April under the B·Debate umbrella

Convocatòria B·Debate 2018

These debates help boost the international projection of Catalan research


Among the most noteworthy news stories in the BioRegion of Catalonia this March, Barcelona boosts international positioning through several initiatives

PERIS 2016-2020

The plan, a pioneer in Catalonia, will promote actions aimed at fostering health research in the sphere of healthcare institutions

BDebate Artificial Intelligence

The manifesto is the main contribution of the debate held by B·Debate on 7 and 8 March at CosmoCaixa

Equip IrsiCaixa

The study was led by the IrsiCaixa AIDS Research Institute and the Fight AIDS Foundation