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Key insights for the design of Market Access strategy for startup companies in the healthcare sector

Startup businesses in the healthcare industry face unique challenges when developing their Market Access plans, caused in part by their limited resources. With guidance, startups can align their priorities, knowledge, and goals with a winning Market Access strategy.


Pol Solà-Santos

Co-fundador de

He has a Master in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Barcelona and has been a bioinformatics analyst at CREB UPC for more than six years. In 2020, he decided to found with Alexandre Perera-Lluna.

10 Recommendations for closing the gender gap in the life sciences and healthcare sector

March 8 was International Women’s Day: a great time to remember a gender gap that, at the current pace, would take us 136 more years to close. The situation is better in the life sciences and healthcare sector than other industries, but inequalities remain in areas like salaries and access to executive positions, among many others. A report drafted by Biocat at the behest of the Catalan Ministry of Equality and Feminisms compiles...


Barcelona, February 24, 2023.- In recent years, Catalonia has seen rapid growth in the number of digital health firms and 2022 confirmed that upward trend. While in 2010 there were only about 20 companies in the BioRegion, 12 years later there are 212: a tenfold increase in the number of innovative companies. This increase is reflected in the youth and explosive growth of this subsector, with joint turnover of €356 million, as shown in the 2022 BioRegion of Catalonia...