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The company’s Chair will boost transversal training at the university, PhD scholarships, cooperation agreements and awards for end-of-degree projects.


This minority disease is the most common hereditary cause of intellectual disabilities and affects one in 4,000 men and one in 6,000-8,000 women.


The facility, located in the new Research and Development Unit at the University of Barcelona, cost nearly €1.5 millions.


The Master in Health Economics and Policy attracts students from around the world. Various scholarships are available thanks to support from Biocat, MSD, Novartis, the Ramon Areces Foundation, and other organizations.


Dr. Planell is currently director of the Institute of Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC) and has spent much of his career in the research of biomaterials.


One of its objectives is to turn the Barcelona area into an international point of reference in the field of bioinformatics, based on its scientific excellence and resources.


The US pharmaceutical company, with a subsidiary in Madrid, will develop new cancer-fighting compounds with external researchers.


Foundation laid for clinical transfer of this gene-therapy approach to veterinary medicine and, in the future, diabetic patients.


Pelvic-floor therapy is used to treat urinary incontinence, which affects one in four Spanish women over 65.


The space, with more than 5,000 square meters and 200 researchers, will be devoted to translational research of excellence to compete on an international level.