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This material makes buildings more comfortable in terms of inside temperature and reduces the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. Catalan company Escofet has shown interest in marketing the product.


Antibacterial gowns and linen are being manufactured using the new technique and tested at a number of European hospitals, with excellent results.


The contest Valortec ACC1Ó and university evaluation units drive technology to the market.


They have discovered 15 compounds to fight breast and prostate cancer, which in some cases are twice as effective and up to 70% less toxic.


The breakthrough, led by the UPC, allows for automatic adjustment of the dosage of patient’s medication depending on their state, improving quality of life.


Previously he held the posts of Vice Rector for Research, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences, and Coordinator of the PhD programs, all at the UAB.


Located on the Baix Llobregat Campus, in Castelldefels, next to leading research centers like the Institute of Photonic Sciences.


The agreement was reached at a plenary assembly with representatives from the 26 organizations that make up HUBc, including Biocat.


This multidisciplinary research is led by the UAB and licensed to biotechnology company Janus Developments.


The global poultry industry generates more than 5 million tons of chicken feathers each year, which previously had few possibilities for reuse.