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The group of Dr. Diego Muñoz-Torrero has developed a set of multipotent compounds that block the neurodegenerative cascade in the early stages of the disease.


Janus will work to produce a medication to treat drug addiction and a vaccine for pasteurellosis, which affects many species of production animals.


Their accomplishment will enable synthetic biologists to harness cellular engineering to design biological systems that give a programmed response to specific stimuli or complex situations.


Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, Maryland, USA), which collaborates with some thirty Nobel Prize winners, is a benchmark in technology transfer.


Gurus like Brian Bacon, Jeanne Meister and Alfons Cornella will participate in this forum to debate the strategic role and evolution of corporate universities.


The forte of the HUBc is its high degree of specialization in the health sector, which translates into potential for attracting talent.


The CRnE is a multidisciplinary project among different UPC groups of research and it has among its objectives to attract young brilliant and motivated researchers while it offers the best conditions to carry out cutting edge research in these fields.