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Peer2scale-Health, a HORIZON 2020 project, is a peer-learning action between four regional healthcare agencies acting as clusters, including Biocat

Peer2Scale-Health is focusing on actions to assess the quality of the partners’ services to healthcare entrepreneurs (and young SMEs): the way they deliver these services, how to improve them or design new ones and how to create common innovation support services.


Peer2Scale-Health is a 12-month peer-learning action between 4 regional healthcare innovation agencies acting as clusters providing specific innovation support services to their network of healthcare SMEs: Biocat (Catalonia), Eurasanté (Hauts-de-France), BioM (Bavaria) and (Brussels).

This Twinning+ project is about mutual learning on our best practices and the design of a common innovation program around the concept of raising “entrepreneurship skills” in healthcare entrepreneurs and SMEs, at the time they go through the critical scale-up process. The project addresses a triple-demand coming from SMEs facing specificities of the healthcare sector (time-to-market, financial needs, regulation…), innovation agencies but also the EU (competitiveness of the life sciences sector). The final DOP will help to engage more healthcare innovation agencies in a peer-learning action and will nurture a follow-up initiative to further implement the co-designed program, for the benefit of SMEs.


Peer2scale-Health partners: