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B·Debate - International Center for Scientific Debate Barcelona

B·Debate is an initiative of Biocat and the “la Caixa” Foundation to promote top-notch multidisciplinary scientific debates, fostering the open exchange of knowledge and collaboration among world-renowned experts, in order to address large-scale challenges in the life sciences arena, taking into account the complex, constantly changing conditions in this global world. 

The debates foster integration among different disciplines of science, and deal with a wide variety of topics, including ageing, new therapeutic approaches for diseases, innovative technology for better understanding of the human genome, food resources, climate change and new energy sources, among others.

Debat Científic BDebate

These events focus on key areas of science, including nanotechnology, epigenetics and cancer, malaria, neuroregeneration, supercomputing and simulations, the impact of, and other.

The B·Debate calendar of activities is carried out by means of a public call which invites proposals from the best research centres and researchers in the country, and it combines closed debates for small groups of specialists, symposia open to the scientific community, and conferences and talks open to the general public. The aim is to situate Barcelona and Catalonia as an international scientific focal point and at the same time, promote knowledge and social participation in the important ethical and intellectual debates concerning science.

B·Debate website posted numerous documents generated by each activity (speeches, videos, interviews, manifestos, etc.). The aim of the site is to become a reference archive for the frontier areas of science developed in Catalonia and its links with the international scientific community.

The knowledge and results obtained from the debates are shared with the scientific community and general society through the various B·Debate dissemination channels and tools.  

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