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BioNanoMed Catalunya was created in 2011 with the aim of promoting and developing biotechnology in the BioRegion of Catalonia. The alliance was promoted by Biocat and the IBEC and brought together a total of 18 companies, centers, hospitals and research institutions to promote nanotechnology applied to health and biotechnology.

Nanobiomedicine is one of Catalonia’s research strengths and this community has been a pioneer in Spain in creating centers focusing on multidisciplinary integration of nanotechnology and biotechnology, which are now global benchmarks.


BioNanoMed 568

BioNanoMed was the first Catalan bionanomedicine platform, created to encourage synergies, foster new research and business opportunities in this sector and boost the international visibility of its members.

The BioNanoMed Catalunya alliance is an informal network that took its first steps in late 2010 (at the Biocat Forum) and had the following goals:

  • To identify and start up collaboration projects in research and development of new products
  • To organize public events (conferences, panel discussions, workshops, etc.) to share the work carried out and improve its development and application
  • To detect training needs and propose educational tracks and complementary masters degrees
  • To establish exchange policies for researchers, research centers and groups with companies in the sector
  • To establish in-company internships for postdoc fellows and promote international exchanges
  • To define a strategic plan to open up new business opportunities based on clinical needs
  • To establish internationalization priorities by participating in international forums in the sector