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The BRIGHT project within the European COSME program, launched in February 2022, aims to improve services that facilitate life sciences ecosystem digitization, and contributes to strengthening the international competitiveness and value chains of the digital health subsector in Europe.

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The four European clusters that are part of BRIGHT (acronym for "Beyond tRansformative dIGitalization of HealTh clusters") are STUNS, Sweden; Connected Health Cluster, Estonia; Eurasanté, France and Biocat, Catalonia, which is the project leader. They are working together to drive digital transformation and to learn new techniques, fostering long-term collaboration between SMEs, investment funds, support entities, academic institutions and the government.

Are you an SME? Benefit from the opportunities offered by BRIGHT:

Financial support to implement the ClusterXchange mobility program.

The project provides financial support vouchers to exchange participants of the ClusterXchange mobility program. Financial assistance will be provided to visiting organizations in a one-time payment within 10 working days, after the exchange has taken place and final reports have been completed.


The BRIGHT consortium has developed a unique and disruptive approach through immersive 3-5-day sessions at participating entities (SMEs, scale-up support organizations and other innovation stakeholders), while leveraging the benefits of the ClusterXchange mobility program.

All applications are made through the IT tool ClusterXchange, which allows candidates to submit the application, search for an exchange partner, make matches and follow the exchanges.

Five short periods designed as Deep-Dive Days D3 have been conceived. The D3s are planned to foster excellence in capacity building and inter-regional collaboration. Each of the regions to which the project partners belong will host these sessions. During their implementation, the consortium will organize skill-building activities, matchmaking, networking and training opportunities focused on digitization issues, to promote experience and knowledge sharing.

The BRIGHT project in detail

The BRIGHT project runs from 2022 to 2024, and is intended to accompany stakeholders in their respective ecosystems during their digital transformation, empowering the digital health subsector, facilitating international exchange and collaboration.

During the first 6 months, the BRIGHT project is focused on consulting with companies and support organizations to determine their digital maturity and to be able to define better instruments for the sector.

The second phase of the project is aimed at intensifying cross-sectoral and intersectoral cooperation both among its partners and stakeholders and with other European ecosystems, through an intensive, innovative program, created by the European Cluster Collaboration Platform.

The project has 5 main tasks:

  • To create a strategic partnership of global life sciences and health technology clusters.
  • To leverage the capabilities and services of the clusters to strengthen their services and develop a joint portfolio to improve support to SMEs.
  • To promote cross-sector and transnational collaboration on a European scale, strengthening capacity to meet the challenges of digital transformation.
  • To support digital health SMEs in their specific challenges.
  • To develop and implement the ClusterXchange scheme, building immersive activity agendas for stakeholder learning and collaboration.

Project members:

BRIGHT enables SMEs to bring their innovations and build their networks in foreign markets in the countries and regions represented in the project:

  • Uppsala, Sweden (STUNS)
  • Baltic Sea Region, Estonia (Connected Health)
  • Hauts-de-France, France (Eurasanté)
  • Catalonia, Spain (Biocat, project leader)

For more information about this project and other possibilities to receive support for your company's internationalization, please contact Albert Guerrero, International Relations Department at Biocat (