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Council for European BioRegions (CEBR)

The Council of European BioRegions (CEBR) was created to build a European biotechnology sector that can compete globally, and Biocat is a member.

CEBR is made up of a network of biotechnology support professionals that support their biocommunity through direct services, including networking, incubation, partnering and cluster promotion.

It is the first network of its kind to bring together these organizations and its members develop and implement new activities throughout Europe. Its main aims are:

  • To reduce fragmentation of companies and regions in Europe
  • To create a level playing field for company operations
  • To transform competitiveness into cooperation among regions
  • To create a platform for EU biotechnology initiatives, including EC-funded projects
  • To create networks, collaborations, policy recommendations and exchange best practices among regional biocommunities

In 2014, CEBR created the Global Cluster Biomarker Program, a directory of the stakeholders in biomarkers both in business and academia. The aim is to encourage alliances among the groups and organizations it contains, helping raise awareness of the potential of biomarkers for clinical research and other applications.

Biocat has promoted this directory along with BioM Biotech - Biotech Cluster Development GmbH (Germany), Health Cluster of Wallonia (Belgium), Genopole Evry (France), Berlin-Brandenburg- Health Capital (Germany), Luxembourg BioHealth Cluster, Heidelberg Technology Park (Germany) and UppsalaBio (Sweden).