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ETTBio (Effective Technology Transfer in Biotechnology) is an Interreg IVC international cooperation program geared towards identifying, exchanging and sharing best practices for successful, effective technology transfer in biotechnology.

ETTBio was funded by the European Union (ERDF – European Regional Development Funds) and the INTERREG IVC Program. The project, which ran from January 2012 through December 2014, had a total budget of €2.2 millions.

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ETTBio has 10 partners from 7 member states: Technische Universität Dresden (lead partner), City of Dresden, Vrije Universiteit BrusselCenter for Genomic Regulation (CRG), Imperial College Business School, City of Tartu, City of Warsaw, International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (IIMCB), Regional Development Agency In Ostrava (RDAO) and Biocat.

To achieve its goals the members compiled and analyzed good practices in technology transfer, exchanged knowledge, adapted the selected good practices to each region, and developed regional plans to transfer good practices.

The main aims are:

  • To identify and exchange good practices for effective technology transfer in biotechnology
  • To improve current technology transfer practices and policies
  • To improve economic fulfillment


In December 2014, Biocat organized the final regional event in ETTBio, presenting the final report of the project and offering three workshops focusing on different topics related to promoting entrepreneurship and technology transfer in Europe.