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European Diagnostic Clusters Alliance (EDCA)

The European Diagnostic Clusters Alliance (EDCA) is a European alliance made up of nine clusters that have joined forces to drive innovation in the field of medical diagnostics in Europe.

Members of the EDCA focus their collaboration on identifying challenges and needs in this field of medicine to drive innovation through collaborative R&D projects and shared technology platforms.


The initiative was founded by Euromediag (Montpellier / France) and BioWin (Gosselies / Belgium). These two clusters were joined by Medicen (Paris, France), Welsh Government Life Sciences Team (Wales, United Kingdom), Lyonbiopole (Lyon, France), Zentrum für Molekulare Diagnostikund Bioanalytik (ZMDB) (Berlin-Brandenburg, Germany), Uppsala BIO  (Uppsala, Sweden), Klaster Life Science Krakow (Krakow, Poland) and Biocat.

The main aims of this alliance are:

  • To underpin the competitiveness of European medical diagnostic stakeholders though networking and innovative partnerships
  • To encourage synergies and collaborative projects among all the partners
  • To facilitate and accelerate access to non-European markets
  • To harness the pre-eminent role of diagnostics in healthcare practice