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Oncocat is a Catalan network promoted by Biocat that was launched in 2011 to foster coordination between Catalan companies and research bodies working in oncology. It aimed to improve the opportunities and promote joint ventures, as well as boosting Catalonia’s international projection in this field.

In total, Oncocat brings together 38 organizations from different sectors: bioinformatics, biotechnology, human and animal health, food and nutrition, nanotechnology and genomics, among others.

Another of Oncocat’s goals is to detect training needs, design exchange policies for researchers, research centers and groups with companies in the sector, establish in-company internships for postdoc fellows and promote international exchanges.

Oncology is the most important medical specialty in Catalonia, in addition to being one of the fields in which a great deal of basic, translational and clinical research is done, with the participation of the whole value chain, from research groups and centers to hospitals and companies.