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Claus per Emprendre en Bio i Tecnologies Mèdiques

Do you do biomedical research and are interested in starting your own company? Are you an engineer and believe medical technology and digital health are the future of healthcare innovation? Want to discover alternative professional opportunities in healthcare? And entrepreneurs who have just started their own companies? Sharing the experience of successful entrepreneurs in the healthcare arena helps raise awareness of roles that are a model for other researchers in the sector, encouraging them to opt for entrepreneurship and, therefore, technology transfer. 

As part of Moebio initiative, Biocat offers the courses ‘Keys to Bioentrepreneurship’ and ‘Keys to Entrepreneurship in Medtech', two training capsules that show students, engineers and researchers what it is really like for healthcare entrepreneurs in Catalonia.

Keys to Bioentrepreneurship

The introductory bioentrepreneurship course ‘Keys to Bioentrepreneurship’ is geared towards life sciences students and graduates (biology, pharmacy, biotechnology, medicine, biochemistry, veterinary sciences, chemistry), masters students, PhD candidates and young researchers.

It features three three-hours sessions, which explain the role entrepreneurship plays in biotechnology development; the first steps in bioentrepreneurship, from idea to the first rounds of funding; and the phases and partners that make up the life cycle of a biotechnology company. The course is offered with collaboration from Associació de Biotecnòlegs de Catalunya and CataloniaBio & HealthTech and support from the Dr. Antoni Esteve Foundation.

The tenth edition of the Keys to Bioentrepreneurship program will take place in May 2020. The dates and syllabus will be announced soon.



Keys to Entrepreneurship in Medtech

The course Keys to Entrepreneurship in Medtech is geared towards engineers, researchers and students in the healthcare arena. 

It features four sessions with renowned entrepreneurs and investors who lead Catalan and international companies sharing their personal experiences. They will cover topics like the most frequent mistakes and the best practices that give you a better chance of success in the adventure of staring your own medtech company. The course is organized in conjunction with IQS Tech Factory and with collaboration from Associació de Biotecnòlegs de CatalunyaCataloniaBio & HealthTech and Association of Technical Industrial Engineers of Barcelona, as well as the Dr. Antoni Esteve Foundation.


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